Crafting Wolf Armor in Valheim

Hey there! Ever wondered how to create the powerful and stylish Wolf Armor in Valheim? Look no further! In this article, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this sought-after armor, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to face any challenge that comes your way in the world of Valheim. So, grab your tools and let’s get crafting!

Materials Required

To craft the Wolf Armor Set in Valheim, you will need several materials. These materials include Wolf Pelts, Silver, Iron, Fine Wood, and Leather Scraps. Each material plays a crucial role in the crafting process, so let’s take a closer look at how to obtain each one.

Obtaining Wolf Pelts

Hunting Wolves

One of the primary ways to obtain Wolf Pelts is by hunting wolves. Wolves can be found in various biomes, such as the Meadows, Black Forest, or Mountain biomes. When you stumble upon a pack of wolves, make sure to equip your best weapon and armor to ensure your safety.

Take down wolves using ranged weapons or close combat, but be cautious as they can be quite fierce. Once you have defeated a wolf, you can harvest its pelt. The drop rate for Wolf Pelts may vary, so be prepared to hunt multiple wolves to gather an adequate amount.

Taming Wolves

Alternatively, you can try taming wolves to obtain Wolf Pelts. Taming a wolf requires patience and the right approach. Start by preparing some Raw Meat, ideally from hunting other animals like deer or boars. Place the Raw Meat in your hotbar and slowly approach a wolf. Carefully drop a piece of Raw Meat, then step back and observe the wolf’s reaction.

If the wolf starts eating the meat, you can continue dropping more to gain its trust. Once the wolf is fully tamed, you can pet it and interact with it. Tamed wolves can be commanded to follow you, making it easier to gather resources together. You can obtain Wolf Pelts from tamed wolves by using a sharp weapon on them.

Obtaining Silver

Exploring Mountain Biomes

Silver can be found in the treacherous Mountain biomes of Valheim. Prepare yourself with suitable equipment, including warm clothing, weapons, and armor with upgraded stats. Mountains are notorious for their harsh weather conditions, so be prepared for freezing temperatures and challenging terrain.

Explore the Mountain biome carefully, scaling cliffs and navigating through narrow pathways. Keep an eye out for caves and crevices where Silver Veins can be found. Once you locate a vein, mine it with a pickaxe to collect Silver Ore. Gather as much Silver Ore as possible, as you will need it to craft and upgrade your Wolf Armor Set.

Mining Silver Veins

Silver Veins are scattered throughout the Mountain biome, but they can sometimes be challenging to locate. The veins can blend in with the rocky surroundings, so be observant and look for any glimmering sections in the walls or even on the ground.

When you find a Silver Vein, equip your pickaxe and start mining. Breaking the vein will yield Silver Ore that you can collect. It is worth noting that each vein may contain varying amounts of Silver Ore, so be prepared to mine multiple veins to gather a sufficient quantity.

Obtaining Iron

Exploring Burial Chambers

Iron is a vital material needed for crafting the Wolf Armor Set. To obtain Iron, you will need to explore Burial Chambers scattered throughout the world of Valheim. These dark and foreboding chambers are home to dangerous enemies, so ensure you are well-equipped and prepared for combat.

When you enter a Burial Chamber, be cautious of skeletons and other hostile creatures. Clear the area of enemies and continue exploring deeper into the chambers. Look out for Iron Deposits, which can be found as glowing rocks or ore nodes.

Mining Iron Deposits

Once you have located an Iron Deposit, use your pickaxe to mine the Iron Ore from it. Like Silver Veins, Iron Deposits can contain varying amounts of Iron Ore. Mining Iron Deposits will yield valuable Iron Ore pieces that are essential for crafting and upgrading your Wolf Armor Set.

Ensure that you gather enough Iron Ore before leaving the Burial Chambers, as you will need a significant amount for crafting and future upgrades.

Obtaining Fine Wood

Chopping Birch Trees

Fine Wood is a crucial material required for crafting the Wolf Armor Set. You can obtain Fine Wood by chopping down Birch Trees. These trees can usually be found in the Meadows biome, but they may also appear in other biomes.

Equip your best axe and approach a Birch Tree. Start chopping it down by repeatedly striking it with your axe. Once the tree falls, you can collect the logs and then use a Woodcutter’s Bench to transform the logs into Fine Wood.

Chopping Oak Trees

Oak Trees are another source of Fine Wood. These trees can be found in the Black Forest biome. Approach an Oak Tree and use your axe to chop it down. Gather the logs and convert them into Fine Wood using a Woodcutter’s Bench.

Ensure you have a significant amount of Fine Wood to craft your Wolf Armor Set and any potential upgrades you may need in the future.

Obtaining Leather Scraps

Killing Boars

Leather Scraps are an essential material for crafting the Wolf Armor Set. One of the most effective ways to obtain these scraps is by killing Boars. Boars can be found roaming in the Meadows biome, and they are relatively easier to handle compared to some other hostile creatures.

Approach a Boar armed with a suitable weapon and engage it in combat. Deal with the Boar swiftly and collect the Leather Scraps it drops upon defeat. Hunt multiple Boars to gather an ample amount of Leather Scraps for your crafting needs.


Another method to obtain Leather Scraps is through fishing. Equip your fishing rod and find a suitable body of water, such as a river or the ocean. Cast your line and wait for a bite. When you catch a fish, you can use a knife to extract Leather Scraps from it.

While fishing may not yield as many Leather Scraps as hunting Boars, it provides an alternative method for acquiring this material.

Crafting the Wolf Armor Set

Crafting the Wolf Armor Set requires a combination of the previously mentioned materials. Once you have collected enough Wolf Pelts, Silver, Iron, Fine Wood, and Leather Scraps, you can proceed with creating the individual pieces of the armor set.

Wolf Armor Chestpiece

To craft the Wolf Armor Chestpiece, you will need a set number of Wolf Pelts and Iron. Interact with a suitable crafting station, such as a Workbench, and select the recipe for the Wolf Armor Chestpiece. Ensure you have the necessary materials in your inventory and confirm the crafting process. Once completed, you will have the Wolf Armor Chestpiece ready to equip.

Wolf Armor Cape

The Wolf Armor Cape requires Fine Wood and Wolf Pelts for crafting. Access a crafting station and choose the recipe for the Wolf Armor Cape. Gather the required materials and initiate the crafting process. After completion, you will have the Wolf Armor Cape, a stylish accessory that complements the rest of the armor set.

Wolf Armor Helmet

The Wolf Armor Helmet demands a combination of Wolf Pelts and Iron. Interact with a crafting station and locate the recipe for the Wolf Armor Helmet. Ensure you have the necessary materials before beginning the crafting process. Once finished, you will have a sturdy helmet to protect your head during battles.

Wolf Armor Legs

Crafting the Wolf Armor Legs calls for Wolf Pelts and Iron. Access a crafting station and navigate to the recipe for the Wolf Armor Legs. Gather the required materials and initiate the crafting process. Upon completion, you will have a pair of durable leggings to complete your Wolf Armor Set.

Upgrading the Wolf Armor Set

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your Wolf Armor Set for increased effectiveness and protection. Upgrading the armor set will enhance its stats and provide additional benefits in battles and exploration.

Upgrade Requirements

Wolf Armor Improvements

To improve your Wolf Armor Set, you will need additional Wolf Pelts, Silver, and Iron. With these materials in hand, head to a suitable crafting station and locate the upgrade recipes for the Wolf Armor pieces individually.

Wolf Armor Level 2

To upgrade the Wolf Armor Set to Level 2, you will require a more substantial amount of Wolf Pelts, Silver, and Iron compared to the initial crafting process. Access a crafting station, choose the desired piece of armor, and select the Level 2 upgrade recipe. Ensure you have the necessary materials and initiate the upgrade process.

Wolf Armor Level 3

Upgrading the Wolf Armor Set to Level 3 demands even more Wolf Pelts, Silver, and Iron. Similar to the previous upgrades, head to a crafting station, navigate to the desired armor piece’s upgrade recipe, gather the required materials, and initiate the upgrade process.

Wolf Armor Level 4

The highest level of upgrade for the Wolf Armor Set is Level 4. This upgrade will further improve the stats and attributes of the armor set. Gather a considerable amount of Wolf Pelts, Silver, and Iron, access a crafting station, and locate the Level 4 upgrade recipe for each armor piece. Ensure you have the necessary materials and commence the upgrade process.

Enhancing the Wolf Armor Set

Beyond simple upgrades, you can enhance your Wolf Armor Set using additional materials and methods to maximize its potential.

Using Silver to Improve Armor Stats

Silver, one of the materials used in crafting the armor set, can also be utilized to improve the stats of the Wolf Armor pieces further. Access a suitable crafting station and find the option to enhance the specific armor piece you want to upgrade. By combining Silver and the respective armor piece, you can increase its resistances and effectiveness in combat.

Adding Ancient Bark as an Enhancement

Ancient Bark, a rare resource found in particular biomes like the Swamp or the Plains, can be used as an enhancement for your Wolf Armor Set. Collect enough Ancient Bark and access a crafting station with the specific armor piece you want to enhance.

Combine the Ancient Bark with the armor piece to apply the enhancement, increasing its overall durability and resistance against various types of damage.

Upgrading the Wolf Armor Set to Max Level

By combining the techniques mentioned above, you can upgrade and enhance your Wolf Armor Set to its maximum level. Continuously improve the individual armor pieces, apply Silver enhancements, and use Ancient Bark to strengthen its defenses. The fully upgraded Wolf Armor Set will provide you with superior protection and increased combat prowess.

Tips and Strategies

Crafting the Wolf Armor Set can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Here are some tips and strategies to help you efficiently gather the required resources and enhance your armor set.

Prioritizing Upgrades

As you progress through the game and obtain the necessary materials, prioritize upgrading your Wolf Armor Set. The improved stats and defenses will greatly aid you in battles and exploration, providing a significant advantage.

Teamwork for Efficient Resource Gathering

Consider teaming up with other players to gather the required resources for crafting and upgrading the Wolf Armor Set. Dividing the tasks among your group will help streamline the process, allowing you to obtain the materials more efficiently.

Exploring Mountain Biomes with Caution

When venturing into the Mountain biomes to gather Silver, exercise caution and be prepared for the challenging environment. The harsh weather conditions and dangerous enemies make it vital to have suitable equipment and a plan of action.

Farming Boars for Leather Scraps

To acquire enough Leather Scraps, create a dedicated hunting spot for boars in the Meadows biome. By regularly slaughtering boars, you will accumulate the necessary Leather Scraps for crafting the Wolf Armor Set.

Efficient Silver Mining Techniques

When mining Silver Veins in the Mountain biome, strategically plan your route to efficiently gather as much Silver Ore as possible. Explore the area methodically, keeping an eye out for any veins and optimizing your mining process to maximize your yield.

By following these tips and implementing efficient strategies, you will be well-prepared to embark on your journey to craft and upgrade the formidable Wolf Armor Set in Valheim. With each piece of this impressive armor set, you will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Valheim.





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