Guide: Feeding a Wolf in Minecraft

I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse creatures in the pixelated world of Minecraft, and one particular creature that has captured my attention is the majestic wolf. Taming and bonding with a wolf companion can bring a whole new dimension of adventure to the game, but how exactly do you go about feeding them? In this guide, I’ll walk you through the essential steps and strategies to ensure your loyal wolf companion remains well-fed and ready for any adventure that awaits you in the vast wilderness of Minecraft. So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover the secrets of keeping a well-nourished wolf by your side.


Hey there! If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast like me, you must love exploring the fascinating world of this popular sandbox game. One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is interacting with the various creatures you encounter, and today we’re going to delve into the realm of wolves. These loyal and fierce companions can be incredibly helpful, especially when we take the time to cultivate a bond with them through feeding and taming. So, grab your trusty diamond sword and let’s learn all about feeding wolves in Minecraft!

What Wolves Eat in Minecraft

Raw Meat

As carnivorous creatures, it comes as no surprise that wolves in Minecraft have a taste for raw meat. When you stumble across a wolf in the game, you can offer it raw meat, such as beef or porkchops, as a way to satiate its hunger and potentially gain its trust. However, do keep in mind that offering raw meat can have varying effects on wolves, which we will explore in more detail shortly.

Cooked Meat

If you’re fresh out of raw meat, don’t worry! Wolves also happily enjoy a juicy piece of cooked meat. So, the next time you’re grilling up some steak or have some cooked porkchops in your inventory, remember that these tasty treats can be used to feed and tame wolves. Just make sure the meat is cooked before offering it to your furry, four-legged friend.

Rotten Flesh

If you find yourself surrounded by hordes of zombies or stumble upon an abandoned mine, you might come across some rotten flesh. Surprisingly enough, wolves in Minecraft have an appetite for this less-than-pleasant-smelling food source. While many players may choose to avoid rotten flesh, keep in mind that it can actually be used to feed and tame wolves in the game. Just be prepared for the potential side effects this choice might have on your furry companion.


Take a stroll down to the nearest river or ocean, and you might just find yourself a fresh catch of fish. Wolves in Minecraft have a taste for fish, making it another viable option for feeding and taming these majestic creatures. You can offer raw fish, salmon, or even the delightful tropical fish you find while exploring the underwater world. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and this holds true even in the Minecraft realm.

Bone Meal

As a more unconventional food choice, bone meal can also be used to feed and tame wolves. Bone meal, typically used to grow crops quickly in Minecraft, can be offered to a wolf just as you would any other food source. However, unlike other food items, bone meal can only be used to tame already tamed wolves, not wild ones. It’s always good to have some bone meal handy for when your loyal companion needs an extra treat!

Finding Wolves in Minecraft

Spawned Naturally

Wolves in Minecraft have the capability to spawn naturally in certain biomes throughout the game. If you wander through forests, taigas, or snowy taigas, you might just stumble upon a magnificent wolf roaming freely. Keep your eyes peeled for these gorgeous creatures, and remember, patience is key when searching for naturally spawning wolves. If you’re lucky, you might even come across an entire pack!

Spawned by a Player

Alternatively, if you’re eager to have a wolf companion by your side, you can always spawn one yourself. By using a spawn egg or command in creative mode, you can summon a wolf into the Minecraft world. This method allows for more control over when and where you encounter wolves, making it a popular choice for players who want a loyal companion from the get-go. However, remember that this method might not provide the same thrill of discovery as finding a naturally spawned wolf in the game.

Taming a Wolf

Approaching a Wolf

Now that we’ve discussed what wolves eat and how to find them, let’s delve into the exciting process of taming one. The first step in taming a wolf is approaching it with caution. While wolves are generally neutral mobs, they might become hostile if you get too close without initiating the taming process. Approach the wolf slowly, ensuring that you don’t startle or frighten it.

Right-Clicking to Tame

Once you’re within a safe distance, right-click on the wolf to begin the taming process. By doing so, you offer it a chance to trust you and become your loyal companion. If successful, red hearts will appear above the wolf’s head, indicating that it has accepted you as its master. Congratulations! You’ve taken a significant step towards a lasting bond with your new wolf friend.

Using Bones to Tame

An alternative method of taming a wolf involves using bones. Acquired by defeating skeletons in the game, bones can be used to tame both wild and already tamed wolves. Simply hold a bone in your hand and right-click on the wolf to offer it this special treat. It might take a few bones for the taming process to be successful, but it’s definitely worth the effort to have a wolf companion by your side.

The Taming Process

Taming a wolf is not an instant process; it requires both time and patience. Once a wolf has accepted you as its master, you’ll need to go through a taming process to fully solidify your bond. This involves feeding the wolf with its preferred food source, as we discussed earlier. By providing sustenance and care to your new companion, you nurture the bond between you and your wolf, making it even stronger.

Feeding a Tamed Wolf

Feeding Mechanics

Once you’ve tamed a wolf, it’s important to keep it well-fed to maintain its loyalty and health. feeding a tamed wolf can be done in various ways, whether by hand, from the ground, or even using a dispenser. Each method offers its own advantages and convenience, so let’s explore them further.

Feeding a Wolf by Hand

Feeding a wolf by hand requires you to hold the food source, such as raw meat or cooked meat, in your hand and approach your loyal companion. Once you’re within reach, right-click on the wolf to offer it the food. The wolf will eagerly consume the food, replenishing its health and proving its loyalty once again. This method is simple and effective, allowing for quick feeding whenever your wolf companion is in need.

Feeding a Wolf from the Ground

If you’d rather not manually feed your tamed wolf, you can opt to place the food source on the ground and allow the wolf to consume it independently. Simply drop the food item onto the ground, and your loyal companion will eagerly gobble it up. This method provides convenience, especially when you’re dealing with multiple wolves or are in a hurry to ensure they are well-fed.

Using a Dispenser to Feed a Wolf

For those who enjoy the advanced contraptions available in Minecraft, using a dispenser to feed a tamed wolf might be the ideal option. By placing the desired food source into the dispenser and connecting it to a redstone circuit, the dispenser will automatically provide food to your wolf companion. This method is particularly useful when you have multiple wolves and want to ensure their consistent nourishment with minimal effort on your part.

Benefits of Feeding a Wolf

Increased Health

Feeding a wolf not only maintains its loyalty but also boosts its health. When a tamed wolf is well-fed, it gains increased health, making it more resilient in battles against hostile mobs or other players. Proper nutrition is key to ensuring your wolf companion is at its peak performance and ready to assist you in any challenging situation you may encounter.

Increased Damage

A well-fed wolf becomes not just a loyal companion but also a formidable force to be reckoned with. When properly nourished, a tamed wolf gains increased damage output, making it an even more effective ally in combat. So, by keeping your wolf companion well-fed, you not only ensure its loyalty but also unleash its true potential as a fearsome warrior by your side.

Defending Against Hostile Mobs

Wolves in Minecraft possess a natural affinity for combat, making them excellent allies in your quest to fend off hostile mobs. By keeping your wolf well-fed, you provide it with the necessary energy and strength to protect you from any dangers that may arise. With increased health and damage, your loyal companion becomes an invaluable asset when battling against zombies, skeletons, or any other adversary that threatens your safety.

Breeding Wolves

Breeding Mechanics

If one wolf companion isn’t enough for you, why not consider breeding them to expand your furry family? In Minecraft, wolves have the ability to procreate, allowing you to nurture a pack of loyal companions. Breeding wolves follows a similar process to taming and requires attention to specific details for a successful outcome.

Feeding Parents to Breed

To initiate the breeding process, you must first ensure that the parent wolves are well-fed. Similar to taming, feeding the parent wolves with their preferred food source, whether raw meat, cooked meat, rotten flesh, fish, or bone meal, is the key. Providing proper nutrition to the parent wolves increases the chances of a successful breeding outcome, so don’t overlook the importance of a good meal.

Feeding Breeding Wolves

Once both parent wolves are well-fed, right-click on them with a food item in hand to initiate the breeding process. Hearts will appear above the wolves, indicating that they are in breeding mode. After a short period of time, a baby wolf will be born. Congratulations! You’re now the proud parent of a new member of your wolf family. It’s important to note that baby wolves grow into fully grown adults over time, so make sure to care for and feed them accordingly.

Different Types of Wolves

Normal Wolves

When exploring the vast world of Minecraft, you will frequently encounter normal, untamed wolves. These noble creatures can be found naturally spawning in various biomes, as we discussed earlier. While they may not possess the same loyalty and willingness to fight alongside you as tamed wolves, they still contribute to the enchanting atmosphere of the Minecraft universe.

Tamed Wolves

Tamed wolves, on the other hand, become your trusted allies. Through the taming process, you form a bond with these magnificent creatures, earning their loyalty and devotion. Tamed wolves will follow you faithfully, attack enemies that threaten you, and provide comfort during your adventures. By feeding and caring for your tamed wolves, you ensure they are always by your side, ready to face any challenges that come your way.

Baby Wolves

When you successfully breed two tamed wolves, the result is an adorable baby wolf. These tiny creatures are initially helpless but quickly grow into fierce adult wolves with proper care and feeding. Baby wolves have the potential to grow into loyal companions, enhancing your gameplay experience with their cuteness and the anticipation of watching them develop into strong, fully grown adults.

Using Wolves in Combat

Commanding a Tamed Wolf

Once you’ve tamed a wolf and established a bond, you can command it to attack specific enemies. Simply right-click on the wolf while holding a bone, and you’ll see red hearts appear above its head, indicating that it is now in “sitting” mode. To switch back to “standing” mode and engage in combat, right-click on the wolf again. Your loyal companion will leap into action, fiercely attacking any enemy you engage with. Take advantage of this ability to strategically command your wolf during battles and unleash its full potential.

Defending Against Enemies

The loyalty and protective nature of wolves make them highly effective in combat scenarios. When faced with hostile mobs or other players, your tamed wolf companion will fearlessly charge into the fight at your side, attacking and even immobilizing enemies. Their presence greatly increases your chances of survival, so make sure to properly feed and care for your wolf to ensure it is always ready to confront any adversaries that cross your path.

Wolves as a Distraction

In addition to their combat abilities, wolves can also serve as a useful distraction in Minecraft. When engaging in a fight against multiple enemies or attempting to escape a dangerous situation, your tamed wolf companion can draw the attention of adversaries, providing you with a valuable window of opportunity. While your foes are preoccupied with your loyal companion, you can regroup, land a crucial blow, or make a strategic retreat. The loyalty and bravery of your wolf companion can truly turn the tide in your favor.


Feeding wolves in Minecraft serves as a vital aspect of cultivating a bond with these magnificent creatures. Whether it’s by offering raw or cooked meat, rotten flesh, fish, or bone meal, providing sustenance to a wolf strengthens your relationship and allows it to reach its full potential as a powerful ally. From finding and taming wolves to breeding and commanding them in combat, these loyal companions enhance your Minecraft experience and make your adventures all the more thrilling. So, gear up, pack your food, and embark on an unforgettable journey with your trusted wolf companions by your side. Happy Minecrafting!





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