Guide to Taming Wolves in Valheim

I never thought I would find myself on a quest to tame wild wolves, but here I am, stepping into the fascinating world of Valheim. As I ventured through the mysterious lands, I discovered the secrets to taming these magnificent creatures. In this guide, I’ll share with you the steps needed to gain the trust of a wolf and turn it into your loyal companion. From building a wolf pen to feeding them the right treats, we’ll explore the ins and outs of taming wolves in Valheim. So grab your axe and get ready to embark on this incredible journey with me!


Before embarking on the thrilling journey of taming wolves in Valheim, it is essential to gather the necessary resources and tools. As a seasoned wolf tamer, I have found that having a few specific items can greatly improve your success rate. Firstly, you will need a strong weapon to protect yourself during the taming process, such as a sturdy iron sword or a trusty bow and arrow. Additionally, collecting healing items, such as health potions or healing bandages, is vital to ensure your survival. Lastly, make sure to pack enough food to keep your strength up while pursuing these majestic creatures. Having a variety of cooked meats or freshly caught fish in your inventory will do the trick.

Once you have gathered the essentials, it’s time to dive into finding a suitable spawn location for the wolves.

Gathering Resources and Tools

To prepare for your wolf taming adventure, you will need to ensure you have the necessary resources and tools at your disposal. Collecting wood, stone, and iron ore will allow you to craft suitable weapons and armor that can withstand the wild nature of these fierce creatures. Additionally, be sure to stock up on food and healing items to keep yourself in peak condition during the taming process. A well-equipped adventurer is more likely to succeed in their wolf taming endeavors.

Finding a Wolf Spawn Location

Now that you have gathered your resources and tools, it’s time to focus on finding a suitable spawn location for the wolves. These magnificent creatures tend to roam in the dark and densely forested areas of Valheim. Look for forests teeming with wildlife, as this is a good indicator of potential wolf spawns. Patience is key, as it may take some time to stumble upon a wolf pack. Once you spot one, mark the location on your map and proceed with caution.

Building an Enclosure

With your resources in hand and a wolf spawn location secured, it’s time to prepare an enclosure where you can safely interact with the wolves. Choosing the right location for the enclosure and constructing it properly are crucial steps in ensuring the success of your taming efforts.

Choosing a Suitable Location

When selecting a spot for the enclosure, keep in mind that it needs to be large enough to accommodate multiple wolves comfortably. Look for flat terrain with ample space, preferably near a water source for easy access. Additionally, consider the proximity to your base camp, as you’ll want to regularly visit and care for your tamed wolves. Pay attention to natural barriers, such as cliffs or rivers, that can act as additional protection for the enclosure.

Constructing the Enclosure

To construct the enclosure, start by clearing the area of any obstructing trees and rocks. Use the resources you gathered earlier to build sturdy fences or walls around the perimeter. It’s advisable to build a gate or a door that can be easily opened and closed to access the enclosure. Consider adding a roof to protect the wolves from the elements and give them a sense of security. Enhance the enclosure with comfortable bedding made from materials like straw or linen, providing a cozy resting place for your future companions.

Obtaining Raw Meat

As you continue your wolf taming journey, acquiring raw meat becomes essential. Wolves are carnivores, and a steady supply of fresh meat is vital for their sustenance and overall well-being. There are two main methods to obtain raw meat in Valheim – hunting animals and fishing.

Hunting Animals

Venturing into the wilderness to hunt animals is an exhilarating way to gather raw meat for your wolves. Keep an eye out for deer, boars, and other forest creatures. Approach them carefully to avoid spooking them, and take aim with your trusty bow and arrow or melee weapon. A well-placed shot or swing will bring down your prey, providing you with a bountiful harvest of raw meat. Remember to only hunt what you need to maintain a sustainable balance in the ecosystem of Valheim.


For those who prefer a more serene approach to obtaining raw meat, fishing is an excellent alternative. Find a suitable fishing spot near a body of water and equip your fishing rod. Patience is key as you cast your line and wait for a bite. Once you feel a tug on the line, reel in your catch and rejoice at the fresh fish you have acquired. Gutting the fish will provide you with ample raw meat to feed your tamed wolves.

Feeding the Wolves

Equipped with a steady supply of raw meat, it’s time to feed the hungry wolves residing in your enclosure. Cooking the raw meat and setting up feeding stations will ensure that your furry friends are well-nourished and content.

Cooking Raw Meat

Before feeding the raw meat to the wolves, it is advisable to cook it first. Cooking the meat not only enhances its flavor but also provides additional health benefits to the wolves. Build a cooking station within proximity to the wolf enclosure and light a fire. Place the raw meat on the grill or in the pot, and watch as the savory aroma fills the air. Once the meat is cooked to perfection, it is ready to be served to your eagerly awaiting wolves.

Preparing Feeding Stations

To keep the feeding process organized and efficient, it’s beneficial to establish feeding stations within the wolf enclosure. These stations can be simple wooden platforms or bowls where you can place the cooked meat. By designating specific areas for feeding, you can prevent any potential conflicts or disagreements between the hungry wolves. Ensure that each station has enough food to feed all the wolves and replenish them regularly to maintain a harmonious environment within the enclosure.

Taming Process

With the wolves well-fed and content, it’s time to venture into the heart of the taming process. Approach the wolves cautiously, armed with patience and understanding, to gain their trust and ultimately tame them.

Approaching the Wolf

When approaching the wolf, maintain a calm and non-threatening demeanor. Sudden movements or loud noises can startle the wild creature, leading to potential aggression or retreat. Slowly and steadily move towards the wolf, speaking softly to provide reassurance. Be prepared for the wolf to approach you or maintain a safe distance depending on their level of comfort. Your goal is to establish a bond of trust before proceeding further.

Feeding the Wolf

Once you have approached the wolf and earned its trust, offer it a piece of cooked meat. Gently hold out the food, allowing the wolf to approach and take it from your hand. This act solidifies the bond between you and the wolf, as it recognizes you as a provider of sustenance. Repeat this feeding process multiple times, gradually increasing the frequency and time spent together. Consistency and patience are key during this stage, as taming a wild animal takes time and effort.


Congratulations, you have successfully tamed a wolf! Now it’s time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and create a harmonious environment for your domesticated companions.

Interacting with Tamed Wolves

As your wolves become more comfortable in your presence, interact with them regularly to maintain the bond you have established. Petting them gently and speaking softly reinforces their trust in you. Engage in playful activities, such as fetching or simple commands, to further strengthen the connection between you and your tamed wolves.

Training Wolves for Tasks

Once your wolves have fully embraced their domesticated status, you can train them to perform various tasks to assist you during your adventures in Valheim. Assigning certain commands, like guarding your base or accompanying you on explorations, ensures that your wolves are actively participating in your journeys. Training them with simple and consistent instructions will help them understand their role and execute tasks effectively.

Improving Wolf Stats

To further enhance the capabilities of your tamed wolves, there are methods you can employ to improve their stats and make them even more formidable companions.

Breed Different Wolf Variants

In Valheim, there are various wolf variants with unique characteristics. By selectively breeding your tamed wolves, you can unlock different traits and create a diverse pack. Experiment with different combinations to discover powerful wolves with increased strength, speed, or other advantageous attributes. Proceed with caution during the breeding process, as it requires careful consideration and coordination to achieve desirable results.

Feeding Wolves with Special Foods

In addition to a balanced diet of cooked meat, feeding your wolves with special foods can provide them with temporary stat boosts. Explore Valheim’s vast environment to discover rare ingredients or recipes that can enhance your wolves’ abilities. These culinary delights can include magical mushrooms, enchanted meats, or herbal concoctions. Regularly experiment with different special foods to unlock the full potential of your tamed wolves.

Dealing with Aggression

While tamed wolves are loyal and obedient, occasional aggression may still arise. It is crucial to address these situations promptly and effectively to maintain a peaceful environment within the enclosure.

Disciplining Aggressive Wolves

When a wolf displays aggression towards you or other wolves, it’s important to establish dominance and discipline effectively. Firmly assert yourself as the alpha by using a loud and assertive tone, combined with non-violent cues like clapping or stomping. This action helps the aggressive wolf understand boundaries and reinforces your role as the pack leader. Consistency and clear communication are key in disciplining aggressive behavior.

Separating Aggressive Wolves

If the aggression continues despite disciplinary actions, it might be necessary to separate the aggressive wolf from the rest of the pack temporarily. This prevents further conflicts and ensures the safety of both the aggressor and other wolves. Designate a specific area within the enclosure or an alternative location where the wolf can calm down and reflect on its behavior. Observe the wolf closely during this time and reintegrate it back into the pack once it has shown signs of improved behavior.

Caring for Tamed Wolves

Providing a nurturing and safe environment for your tamed wolves is essential for their overall well-being. Ensuring they have proper shelter, bedding, and medical care contributes to their happiness and health.

Providing Shelter and Bedding

Constructing a dedicated shelter within the enclosure protects your wolves from inclement weather and provides them with a cozy place to rest. Build a sturdy structure with a roof and solid walls to shield them from rain, snow, or the scorching sun. Additionally, add soft bedding made from materials like straw or linen to create a comfortable and warm resting area for your wolves. Regularly inspect and maintain the shelter to ensure its structural integrity and cleanliness.

Healing Injured Wolves

Accidents can happen, and when your wolves sustain injuries, it’s essential to provide them with the necessary medical attention. Carry a supply of healing potions or bandages to expedite the healing process. Gently apply the healing items to the wounds while soothing the wolf with gentle words and reassuring gestures. Monitor the healing progress closely, and if necessary, consult with fellow adventurers who possess advanced medical knowledge. Taking care of your wolves’ injuries promptly ensures their swift recovery and uninterrupted companionship.


Congratulations, fellow adventurers, on your successful journey into the realm of wolf taming in Valheim. By following these comprehensive steps, you have established a harmonious bond with these magnificent creatures, transforming them from wild beings into loyal companions. Enjoy the benefits of your tamed wolves as they accompany you on epic quests and provide invaluable assistance in your endeavors.

As you continue your Valheim adventures, remember the importance of perseverance and dedication in furthering your wolf taming efforts. Explore new techniques, breed different wolf variants, and expand your pack to unlock the full potential of these extraordinary creatures.

May your wolf taming adventures be filled with joy, companionship, and exciting discoveries as you explore the vast world of Valheim!





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