Mastering the Art of Obtaining the Wolf Bow

If you’re a fan of the popular video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops III,” then you know that one of the most sought-after weapons in the game is the Wolf Bow. With its immense power and unique abilities, obtaining the Wolf Bow can give you a significant advantage in the battlefield. In this article, I will guide you through the process of mastering the art of obtaining this coveted weapon, providing you with the tips and strategies you need to succeed. So, gear up and get ready to unlock the full potential of the Wolf Bow!

Mastering the Art of Obtaining the Wolf Bow

1. Understanding the Basics of the Wolf Bow

The Wolf Bow is an incredibly powerful weapon in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map called Der Eisendrache. Before we dive into the steps of obtaining this incredible weapon, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the Wolf Bow is and why it is so coveted by players.

The Wolf Bow is one of four elemental bows that can be obtained in the Der Eisendrache map. It is the bow associated with the wolf symbol and it unleashes devastating Wolf Attacks upon the horde of zombies. It not only clears large groups of undead foes, but it also possesses the ability to charge up and fire an incredibly powerful arrow known as the Wolf Howl. Understanding the mechanics of the Wolf Bow is crucial to mastering its potential.

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Activating the Wolf Bow

To obtain the Wolf Bow, players must complete a series of steps within the Der Eisendrache map. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you activate the Wolf Bow:

  1. Gather the Skulls – The first step is to collect three skulls from fallen zombies. These skulls can be found in specific locations around the map and must be placed on three pedestals to activate the next step.

  2. Light the Braziers – Once the skulls are in place, four braziers will appear near the death ray tower. The player must use a charged shot from their bow to light these braziers simultaneously.

  3. Shoot the Symbol – After the braziers are lit, a symbol will appear on one of the walls. Shoot the symbol with an arrow from your regular bow. This will unlock the next location for the player to explore.

  4. Shoot the Circles – In the new area, there are four circles with symbols on the ground. Shoot each of these circles with your bow, matching the symbol on the ground with the corresponding element of your bow.

  5. Collect the Soul – After shooting the circles, a red soul will appear at the center of the area. Collect this soul and a new trial will be bestowed upon you.

3. Locations of the Trial Statues

Completing the trials is an essential part of obtaining the Wolf Bow. Here are the locations of the trial statues within the Der Eisendrache map:

  1. Dragon Head – Located near the Double Tap 2.0 perk machine.
  2. Panzer Helmet – Found on a table near the death ray tower.
  3. Gauntlet – This trial statue can be found in the area with the rocket pad.
  4. Clock – The final trial statue can be found in the clock tower next to the Der Wunderfizz machine.

Remember, these statues must be shot with your bow to activate the trial. Upon completing each trial, a corresponding symbol will be lit up on one of the three wall paintings near the rocket pad.

4. Collecting the Required Souls

Once all three trials have been completed, the player must collect souls using their bow. These souls can be obtained by killing zombies in the general vicinity of the trial statues. A purple beam of light will indicate the presence of the soul. Collecting all three souls will allow you to proceed to the next step in obtaining the Wolf Bow.

5. Crafting the Wrath of the Ancients

With the souls collected, it’s time to craft the Wolf Bow, also known as the Wrath of the Ancients. Head over to the crafting table and interact with it to initiate the crafting process. Once the crafting is complete, the Wrath of the Ancients will be at your disposal.

6. Unleashing the Power of the Wolf Bow

Now that you have obtained the Wolf Bow, it’s time to unleash its true power. The Wolf Bow possesses two unique abilities: the Wolf Attack and the Wolf Howl.

The Wolf Attack is unleashed by shooting the regular arrow from the Wolf Bow. This ability causes a group of ghostly wolves to emerge from the arrow and attack nearby zombies, tearing them apart with relentless fury.

The Wolf Howl, on the other hand, is a charged shot that can be unleashed by holding down the fire button. This devastating attack deals massive damage to both individual zombies and groups of foes. Utilizing both of these abilities strategically will allow you to dominate the undead hordes.

7. Tips and Tricks for Efficient Wolf Bow Mastery

To master the Wolf Bow, here are some tips and tricks that can help you maximize its potential:

  • Train Zombies: Create a train of zombies to maximize the effectiveness of the Wolf Attack. Lead them in a circle and shoot at the center, allowing the ghostly wolves to take out multiple enemies at once.

  • Aiming for Weak Spots: Aim for the heads of zombies to maximize damage. The Wolf Bow’s wolf attacks and charged shots are particularly devastating against headshots.

  • Ammo Conservation: Use regular arrows for regular zombies and save the charged shots for tougher enemies like Panzers and Margwas. This will help conserve ammo and ensure you have enough firepower when it matters most.

8. Strategies for Enhancing Wolf Bow Performance

If you’re looking to take your Wolf Bow skills to the next level, here are some strategies that can enhance its performance:

  • Upgrade the Bow: Use the upgrade stations located around the map to enhance the power of your Wolf Bow. This will increase its overall damage and make it even more lethal against the undead.

  • Pack-a-Punch: Once you have the Wolf Bow, make it a priority to Pack-a-Punch your weapons. This will increase their damage output and give you even more firepower to deal with increasingly challenging waves of zombies.

9. Unlocking the Full Potential of the Wolf Bow

To truly unlock the full potential of the Wolf Bow, it’s essential to practice and familiarize yourself with its mechanics. Experiment with different strategies, test out different areas of the map, and challenge yourself to improve your proficiency with the weapon. The more you use it, the better you will become at harnessing its full power.

10. Frequently Asked Questions about the Wolf Bow

Q: Can I obtain the Wolf Bow in solo play?

A: Yes, you can obtain the Wolf Bow in both solo and co-op play. The steps and locations remain the same regardless of your playing style.

Q: Can I obtain multiple bows in one match?

A: No, each player can only obtain one bow per match. However, multiple players can each obtain a different elemental bow to diversify their firepower.

Q: Can I upgrade the Wolf Bow?

A: Yes, you can upgrade the Wolf Bow by using the upgrade stations located around the map. This will increase its overall damage and make it even more deadly against the undead.

Q: Can the Wolf Bow be used in other maps?

A: No, the Wolf Bow is specific to the Der Eisendrache map and cannot be used in other maps within Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Mastering the art of obtaining the Wolf Bow takes practice, perseverance, and a solid understanding of the steps and mechanics involved. With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge to embark on your journey towards wielding this incredibly powerful weapon. So, gear up, grab your bow, and may the power of the wolf be with you on your quest to survive the zombie apocalypse.





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