Packing Essentials for Great Wolf Lodge

I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge, and let me just say, it was an absolute blast! From the thrilling water slides to the enchanting MagiQuest adventure, this family-friendly resort has something for everyone. But before heading off on this unforgettable vacation, it’s important to make sure you have all the essential items packed. In this article, I’ll be sharing my must-have packing list for Great Wolf Lodge, ensuring that you have everything you need for a fantastic time at this incredible destination.



When going to Great Wolf Lodge, packing the right swimwear is essential. Whether you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, a bikini, or swim trunks, having a few options will ensure you’re ready for all the water adventures this resort has to offer. Don’t forget to pack a cover-up as well, for when you want to take a break from the water but still be comfortable and stylish.

Casual clothes

Beyond swimwear, you’ll also need some casual clothes for your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Think comfortable and easy-to-wear items like t-shirts, shorts, and sundresses. Since you’ll likely spend a lot of time walking around the resort, be sure to bring comfortable shoes that can withstand a day of fun. Sneakers or sandals with good arch support are your best bet.


Don’t forget to pack your favorite pajamas! Whether you prefer cozy flannel pants or lightweight cotton shorts, having comfy sleepwear will ensure you get a good night’s rest after a busy day in the water park. Opt for breathable fabrics to keep cool during the night.

Water shoes

Water shoes are a must-have at Great Wolf Lodge. With various water attractions, it’s important to protect your feet and have proper grip on wet surfaces. Water shoes will also come in handy when exploring the outdoor areas of the resort. Look for a pair that is quick-drying and offers sturdy soles for optimal comfort and safety.


While you may spend most of your time in sandals or barefoot, having a few pairs of socks can be useful. Whether it’s for cooler evenings or when you want to visit the indoor arcade, socks can keep your feet cozy and protected.


Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to pack enough underwear for your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Ensure you have clean pairs for each day of your trip. It’s always better to have extra, just in case.


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important, even while on vacation. Be sure to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your smile fresh and clean throughout your stay. Electric toothbrushes and travel-sized toothpaste are convenient options if you have them.

Shampoo and conditioner

Great Wolf Lodge provides shampoo and conditioner in the rooms, but if you have specific hair care products that you prefer, it’s a good idea to bring them along. Having your favorite shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair looking and feeling its best after all those swims.

Soap or body wash

To keep your body clean and refreshed, pack your preferred soap or body wash. Great Wolf Lodge provides basic toiletries, but having your favorite scent can make the showering experience more enjoyable.

Hairbrush or comb

After swimming and playing in the water park, your hair may need some TLC. Be sure to pack a hairbrush or comb to keep your locks tangle-free and looking fabulous. Bonus points if you bring a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner to make the process even smoother.


With all the excitement and physical activity at Great Wolf Lodge, staying fresh and odor-free is a priority. Packing your own deodorant will ensure you have your preferred scent and keep you feeling confident throughout the day.

Feminine products

For those who need them, it’s important to pack an ample supply of feminine products. This way, you can feel comfortable and prepared throughout your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. It’s always better to have more than you think you’ll need, just in case.

Electronics and Entertainment

Cell phone and charger

Your cell phone is likely an essential item that you can’t leave behind. Whether it’s for taking photos, staying connected, or using the Great Wolf Lodge app, be sure to bring it along. Don’t forget to pack your charger as well, so you can keep your phone powered up during your trip.

Tablet or laptop

If you enjoy watching movies or browsing the web during downtime, consider packing a tablet or laptop. This way, you can catch up on your favorite shows or keep yourself entertained even when you’re not in the water.

Portable speakers

Music can enhance the atmosphere and make any moment more enjoyable. Pack some portable speakers to listen to your favorite tunes while lounging by the pool or getting ready in your room. Just be mindful of others around you and keep the volume at a considerate level.


For personal entertainment or when you want some peace and quiet, having a good pair of headphones is essential. Whether you prefer over-ear headphones or earbuds, make sure to pack them to enjoy your favorite podcasts, music, or shows without disturbing others.

Books or magazines

While technology is great, sometimes it’s nice to disconnect and dive into a good book or magazine. Packing your favorite reading material will allow you to relax and unwind in a different way during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

Playing cards

A pack of playing cards is a versatile and compact entertainment option for both kids and adults. Whether you want to play a game with your family or make new friends in the game room, playing cards can provide hours of fun and laughter.

Baby Essentials


If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, diapers are a must-have item. Make sure to pack enough disposable diapers or cloth diapers to last throughout your stay. Consider bringing a few extra, as accidents can happen, and it’s always better to be overprepared.


Accompanying the diapers, don’t forget to pack a sufficient supply of baby wipes. Wipes are handy for quick clean-ups, wiping faces, and freshening up during the day. Having enough wipes on hand will make your life easier when dealing with little messes.

Baby food

For parents traveling with infants or toddlers, packing a supply of baby food is essential. Great Wolf Lodge offers dining options, but having your baby’s favorite foods on hand will help ensure they have meals they enjoy and are familiar with.

Bottles and formula

If your baby is bottle-fed, be sure to pack enough bottles and formula to last your entire stay. Keeping your baby on their regular feeding routine will help maintain their comfort and minimize any disruptions to their schedule.


Don’t forget to bring a few blankets for your little one. Whether it’s for swaddling, providing extra warmth, or creating a cozy spot for naps, having familiar blankets can offer comfort and security to your baby.

Baby carrier

Exploring Great Wolf Lodge with a baby or toddler can be made much easier with a baby carrier. Instead of maneuvering a stroller through crowded areas, a carrier allows you to have your hands free while keeping your little one close. This way, you can navigate the resort’s amenities and attractions with greater ease.

Medications and First Aid

Prescription medications

If you or anyone in your family requires prescription medications, be sure to pack an ample supply for the duration of your trip. It’s important to have enough medication to last, as finding a nearby pharmacy with specific medications may not always be convenient.

Pain relievers

Headaches, muscle soreness, and general aches can occur, especially after a day of excitement. Packing pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can provide quick relief and ensure that minor discomfort doesn’t interfere with your fun.


Cuts, blisters, and minor scrapes can happen during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Having a supply of band-aids can help protect minor wounds and prevent infection, allowing you to continue having a great time.

Antiseptic ointment

To accompany the band-aids, consider packing antiseptic ointment or wipes to clean and disinfect any small cuts or scrapes. This extra step can help prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

Motion sickness medication

If anyone in your family is prone to motion sickness, it’s a good idea to pack the appropriate medication. This way, you can enjoy all the water slides and rides without worrying about discomfort or nausea.

Allergy medication

If you or your family members have known allergies, be sure to pack the necessary medications. Whether it’s antihistamines for seasonal allergies or an EpiPen for severe allergies, having these medications readily available is important for your safety and peace of mind.

Outdoor Gear


Spending time outdoors at Great Wolf Lodge means you’ll need adequate sun protection. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen with a high SPF to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply and reapply throughout the day, especially when spending extended periods in the water.


To protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and reduce glare, a pair of sunglasses is a must. You’ll appreciate having them when lounging by the pool or engaging in outdoor activities.


In addition to sunglasses, pack hats for the whole family. Whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat, a baseball cap, or a bucket hat, hats provide extra protection against the sun and help keep you cool during hot summer days.

Bug repellent

While Great Wolf Lodge takes measures to minimize bugs, it’s always a good idea to have bug repellent on hand. Mosquitoes and other insects may still be present outdoors, especially in the evening. Applying bug repellent will help keep those pesky bugs at bay.


It’s wise to pack a compact umbrella in case of unexpected rain showers. Even if the weather forecast looks promising, having an umbrella on hand can save the day if there’s a sudden downpour.

Picnic blanket

A picnic blanket is a versatile item that can come in handy during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Whether it’s for lounging by the outdoor areas, having a picnic lunch, or creating a comfortable spot for the kids to play, a picnic blanket adds convenience and comfort to your outdoor experiences.

Snacks and Drinks

Granola bars

Granola bars are convenient and easy to pack snacks that are great for quick energy boosts during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Whether you’re heading to the water park, going on a hike, or simply need a little pick-me-up, having some granola bars on hand will keep hunger at bay.

Water bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when spending time in the water and under the sun. Pack refillable water bottles for the whole family to ensure everyone has easy access to water throughout the day.

Fruit snacks

For a healthy and tasty snack option, pack some fruit snacks. They’re small, portable, and loved by both kids and adults. Plus, they provide a good source of vitamins and natural sugars to keep you energized.

Chips or crackers

Sometimes you need a savory snack to satisfy those cravings. Pack a variety of individual-sized bags of chips or crackers for a quick and delicious treat. They’re perfect for snacking by the pool or enjoying in your room.

Juice boxes

If you have kids, juice boxes can be a convenient way to provide them with a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. Pack a few juice boxes to keep them hydrated and happy during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

Non-perishable snacks

Having a stash of non-perishable snacks is always a good idea. Whether it’s trail mix, dried fruits, or energy bars, these snacks can be a lifesaver when hunger strikes and you’re nowhere near a dining area. Grab a few of your favorites and keep them in your bag for any snack emergencies that may arise.

Swimming Accessories


Goggles are essential for anyone who enjoys underwater adventures. They allow you to see clearly and protect your eyes from chlorine or saltwater. Whether you’re diving into the wave pool or exploring the underwater features of the water slides, goggles will enhance your swimming experience.

Swim cover-ups

After a fun day in the water, it’s nice to have a swim cover-up to throw on when you’re ready to relax and dry off. Whether it’s a lightweight dress, a tunic, or a robe, a swim cover-up provides modesty and comfort.

Swim diapers

For families with young children who haven’t mastered potty training yet, swim diapers are a must. Great Wolf Lodge requires that children who aren’t fully toilet-trained wear swim diapers in the water park. Make sure to pack an ample supply to avoid any mishaps.

Swim toys

No trip to Great Wolf Lodge is complete without some swim toys. From inflatable tubes to water guns, bringing a few toys can add extra fun to your time in the water. Just make sure to follow any rules or guidelines regarding toys in the water park.


If you have little ones who are still learning to swim, floaties provide an extra layer of safety and confidence. Whether it’s arm floaties, a life jacket, or a swim ring, having floatation devices for your children will allow them to have a great time in the water while giving you peace of mind.

Beach towels

While Great Wolf Lodge provides towels for use at the water park, it never hurts to pack a few extra beach towels. Having your own towels ensures you always have a dry one available and can easily spot your spot during busy poolside moments.


Reusable bags

Bringing reusable bags is a smart idea for any vacation, and Great Wolf Lodge is no exception. Whether it’s for carrying wet clothes, storing snacks, or keeping your belongings organized, reusable bags come in handy in various situations.

Trash bags

Having a few small trash bags on hand can help keep your room tidy and organized. You can use them to store dirty laundry, dispose of any trash, or even as waterproof liners for your bags or backpacks.

Laundry bag

To keep your dirty laundry separate from the clean clothes, pack a laundry bag. It’s a simple yet effective way to stay organized during your stay and make the transition back home smoother.

Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags have countless uses on a vacation. They can be used to store snacks, keep electronics or documents dry, organize smaller items, or even act as a makeshift waterproof phone protector.


Capture the memories at Great Wolf Lodge by bringing a camera with you. Whether it’s a standalone camera or just your smartphone, having a device specifically for capturing moments will ensure you don’t miss out on any special experiences.

Extra cash

While most transactions at Great Wolf Lodge can be made with a credit or debit card, it’s always a good idea to have some extra cash on hand. This can be used for tipping, vending machines, or any unexpected expenses that may arise.

Game and Activity Ideas

Card games

Card games are a classic and enjoyable way to spend quality time with family or friends. Whether it’s a game of Go Fish, Uno, or Poker, packing a deck of cards will provide you with endless entertainment options.

Coloring books

Coloring books are not just for kids. They can be a relaxing and creative way for adults to unwind as well. Grab a few coloring books and a set of colored pencils to enjoy quiet moments and express your artistic side.


Puzzles are a fantastic way to challenge your mind and pass the time. Pack a few jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty levels to keep everyone entertained, especially during downtime or rainy days.

Scavenger hunt list

Create a personalized scavenger hunt list for your family or friends to complete. This can be done both indoors and outdoors, encouraging exploration and making your time at Great Wolf Lodge even more adventurous.

Craft supplies

If crafting is your thing, don’t forget to pack some craft supplies. Whether it’s beading, painting, or making friendship bracelets, having some materials on hand will allow you to indulge in your creative side during your downtime.

Outdoor games

Bring along some outdoor games for added fun in the sun. From frisbee to bocce ball, there are countless options to choose from. Outdoor games are a great way to bond with family and friends while enjoying the resort’s beautiful outdoor spaces.

With this comprehensive packing list, you’ll be fully prepared for a fantastic stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Enjoy all the waterpark fun, activities, and relaxation this resort offers, knowing that you have everything you need right in your suitcase. Happy packing and have a memorable trip!





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