Teen Wolf Filming Locations

I’ve always been a fan of the hit TV show “Teen Wolf,” and one of the things that has always fascinated me is the stunning locations where it was filmed. From the eerie woods of Beacon Hills to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, this show has taken us on a remarkable journey. But have you ever wondered where exactly these iconic scenes were shot? In this article, I’ll take you behind the scenes to explore the real-life filming locations that brought the supernatural world of “Teen Wolf” to life. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and join me as we uncover the secrets behind the captivating backdrop of this beloved series.

Teen Wolf Filming Locations

Teen Wolf Filming Locations


As a fan of the hit TV show “Teen Wolf,” I have always been fascinated by the breathtaking locations where the series was filmed. It’s incredible to see the real-life settings that brought this thrilling supernatural story to life. In this article, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of the main filming locations used in “Teen Wolf,” giving you an inside look at the places that became iconic in the show.

Main Filming Locations

“Teen Wolf” was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California, and its surrounding areas. The production team carefully selected locations that perfectly captured the essence of the story and created the eerie, yet captivating atmosphere we all came to love. While some locations were purpose-built sets, many were actual existing places that were transformed to fit the fictional world of Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Filming Locations

Beacon Hills High School

One of the most iconic locations in “Teen Wolf” is Beacon Hills High School, the educational hub of the series. The school depicted in the show is actually a combination of two real-life high schools: Daniel Murphy High School and Canoga Park High School. Both schools provided the perfect backdrop for the intricate hallways, classrooms, and sports fields that we saw our beloved characters navigate throughout the series.

McCullough House

Located in La Cañada Flintridge, McCullough House served as the residence of Scott McCall’s love interest, Allison Argent. This beautiful mansion, with its elegant architecture and sprawling estate, added a touch of glamour to the show. Fans of the series will remember the emotional scenes that took place within the walls of McCullough House, making it one of the most significant filming locations.

Teen Wolf Filming Locations

Sheriff’s Station

The Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Station, where Sheriff Stilinski and his loyal deputies were seen battling supernatural forces, was filmed at Malibu Creek State Park. This serene and picturesque location provided a striking contrast to the intense and often chaotic events that unfolded within its walls. The park’s lush greenery and tranquil surroundings made it the perfect setting for the chaotic yet captivating scenes we witnessed on screen.

Hale House

Hale House, the ancestral home of the Hale family, played a crucial role in the show. The real-life location used for filming was an exquisite historical landmark called the Zumberge House, situated in South Pasadena. The grandeur and mystique of the Zumberge House perfectly embodied the charm and enigma of the Hale family, adding depth to their storyline and creating a captivating atmosphere.

Teen Wolf Filming Locations

Derek’s Loft

Derek Hale’s loft, known for its dark and brooding ambiance, was filmed in an industrial building located in Vernon. This raw and edgy location perfectly captured the tortured character’s personality and served as the backdrop for some of the show’s most intense and memorable scenes. The contrast between the gritty loft and the supernatural occurrences within it made for a visually stunning experience for viewers.

Motel Glen Capri

Motel Glen Capri, a seedy establishment where characters sought refuge or made questionable deals, was filmed at the real-life Glen Capri Inn & Suites situated in the heart of Glendale. The motel’s rundown appearance and shady reputation added an extra layer of tension and suspense to the scenes that unfolded there. The Glen Capri Inn & Suites perfectly captured the atmosphere of despair and secrecy that the show demanded.

Teen Wolf Filming Locations

Eichen House

Eichen House, the psychiatric institution where several characters found themselves trapped, was filmed at the old Bryce Mental Health Hospital in Los Angeles. The imposing building’s eerie corridors and dimly lit rooms added to the sense of unease and terror that the characters experienced within its walls. The real-life location perfectly brought to life the haunting nature of Eichen House, making it an unforgettable setting in the series.


Numerous action-packed and intense scenes in “Teen Wolf” took place in a warehouse where characters faced off against supernatural threats. This warehouse was filmed at the Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley. The sprawling set allowed for some thrilling fight sequences and high-stakes confrontations, making it a fan-favorite location. The distinct atmosphere of the warehouse added a sense of danger and mystery to the show, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Additional Filming Locations

In addition to the main filming locations, “Teen Wolf” utilized various other sites to enhance the storyline and create a rich and immersive world. Some of these locations include Oak Glen and Redlands, which provided picturesque outdoor settings, and Griffith Park, which offered a versatile backdrop for various scenes throughout the series.

Whether it was the high school hallways, the ancestral home of the Hales, or the mysterious Eichen House, each filming location in “Teen Wolf” played a pivotal role in shaping the show’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere. By exploring the real places behind these fictional settings, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the attention to detail and creativity that made “Teen Wolf” the captivating series that it is. So, next time you rewatch the show, remember these amazing filming locations and let them transport you to the supernatural world of Beacon Hills.





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